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The Land of Make Believe

Life is what you make it

12 December 1985

About Me

I'm 24, single and from Oxfordshire in the UK. I graduated in July 2008 from Liverpool Hope Uni with a 2:1 in Primary Teaching with Information Technology and after teaching for just 7 months have now left that career behind and am working as, essentially, a travel agent (it's a little more complicated than that but I think 'travel agent' covers the basics of what it is that I do!). When I'm not working I can be found helping out in the creche at my church, leading a group of Juniors or being tormented by a group of Seniors and Brigaders at my local Girls' Brigade company, reading, writing or immersing myself in the internet.

About My Journal

My journal is a bit of a random little corner of the world where I house my fics, icons and wallpapers (when I have the time and inspiration to write/make them) and where I take the opportunity to mouth off about things that are bothering me and share random pieces of information as and when I feel like it. My posting has been sparodic at best thus far but I'm making an effort to try and keep a presence round her these days.

Likes and Dislikes

I love Torchwood (especially the OTP that is Jack/Ianto), Doctor Who (guilty of being a 10/Rose shipper) and Harry Potter (Remus/Sirius all the way!). I have also recently joined the ranks of Twilight fans having been forced into reading the first book by my boss and subsequently becoming hooked (I have a real soft spot for Jasper at the moment. Edward and Bella were cute together in the books but the films have kind of ruined that for me!) I also have a guilty pleasure in the cheesy joy that is High School Musical - I blame my uni flatmates for that! Other TV prgrammes and films that I like possibly a little too much are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Friends, Merlin, Casualty, The Bill, Scrubs, The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Primeval, Labyrinth, Mamma Mia and St Trinians. Cardiff, Liverpool and Cornwall are all like second homes to me and always will be - I sometimes feel more at home in those places than I do at home! I'm a theatre Junky and have been known to follow a show called That'll Be The Day all over the UK (ask me about it at your own risk). Musicals in general are my forte though and I've got a list as long as my arm of shows I intend to go see eventually. Linked to my love of theatre is my love of travelling (64 different theatres in 51 different cities to date). I like to explore the UK in my little car - not good for global warming perhaps but my UK geography is second to none! Oh! and a random odd one which no-one seems to understand, walking in the rain. It's rather refreshing, or at least I find it is!

As to Dislikes, well, the first thing that springs to mind is intolerance. Aside from that? Greens (you know - cabbage, broccoli etc. Not the Political Party), Star Trek (no Jane - I don't have to like Star Trek just because I like Doctor Who and Torchwood!), slow drivers (I'm talking the excessive, '45-50 mph in a 70 limit' slow.), spiders and rats. Also, I have a phobia of tinned tuna. I tell you no lie.

Motivational Quotes

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go

Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened!

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